A fresh look for the cutting edge of water analytics

The team at Apana built the Apana LiNK™ system to provide never-before-seen insights for businesses water usage. With a smart, 24/7 bird’s eye view of their customers’ water usage, they’ve built a powerful business intelligence platform that saves their customers money in ways they hadn’t considered before.

Apana’s previous website wasn’t an ideal platform for presenting their fast-growing company profile or scaling their ambitious marketing efforts. Partnering with New Theory, together we crafted a new site designed to empower sales & marketing with a fresh look that more effectively tells the story behind their mission and products.

Apana’s technology holds water

The proof is in the pudding. Apana’s front-and-center case studies offer an overview of wineries, stores and carwashes that all use their system to save resources.

Interactivity is the just the tip of the iceberg

The journey of discovering the nuanced costs associated with your organization’s water usage deserves much more than a few paragraphs.

It’s why we chose to design and build an interactive infographic to help guide the visitor on their own path to increase engagement and break up the content into easily digestible droplets of information.

Quicker point-of-entry

A beautifully designed and simple first step in the journey of a visitor to customer. The ultra light-weight full-screen responsive ‘get started’ form is instantly loaded without adding to any current page’s load time. Quick, and easy – just how lead capture should work.

Working with New Theory in developing Apana's site was easier than I could have imagined – and I came in with high expectations. I've worked with many agencies, and New Theory was one of the best at translating the web design to development, providing clear communication and creative ideas. It's rare to work with developers who also understand design, their team not only "got it," they improved upon the design in several areas of the site. They helped Apana bring their new, elevated brand to life. This has allowed Apana to speak clearly to different audience levels about what Apana does, the services provided, and range of project scopes. I highly recommend New Theory if you want a trusted agency partner with a high level of communication and expertise.

Rebekah Rius, Marketing Consultant, Sidecar Marketing Solutions

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