Concur is the industry leader for expense tracking. They needed their “SpendTelligence” video campaign to do more than just entertain and inform—they needed conversions of existing Concur users to their other products. They decided to build an email campaign and a landing page. But how do you translate video to static images? What’s the best way to capture customer info and send it to SalesForce? And who can deliver all this in code that the dev team can drop into Drupal?

Solution: Square Tomato, Concur’s creative agency, hired New Theory. Our team of UI experts, designers, illustrators, and web devs created original visual assets, built an email template and landing page, and spearheaded SalesForce integration with Concur’s dev team.

Top-to-Bottom Design

No design project comes without constraints. In this case, the landing page had to capture the spirit of the campaign, meet Concur’s brand guidelines, lead readers down a conversion path, and work in Concur’s CMS, Drupal. New Theory talked to Concur’s marketing team, and development teams, and to Square Tomato, the creative agency, to clarify requirements. Our final deliverable met all goals. Concur’s team deployed it in minutes.

Adapting Assets

Without a consistent experience, web users are confused and less likely to convert. The talented team at Strange & Wonderful made a brilliant video. New Theory took their work and developed custom illustrations based on the video to keep Concur’s customers pointed toward conversion.

A Persistent Menu Keeps Users On Track

It’s a comprehensive page. So it’s also a long one. Potential customers needed a way to navigate to the information that was important to them. New Theory built an attractive, persistent menu incorporating visual elements from the video.

Marketing Tool Integration

The project’s success metric—qualified sales leads—wasn’t achievable without a web form that integrates with Pardot by Salesforce. New Theory worked with Concur’s busy development team to make the integration happen. Leads from the form are passed smoothly to the appropriate Concur sales team.

"I don't have to worry once I hire New Theory. They're easy to work with, clients love them, and I know they'll solve my problem. New Theory lets me be the visionary with Concur and other clients—then they turn that vision into working design and code. And when we wanted help with the online strategy of the campaign, they were a solid partner that brought ideas and data to the table."

Frank Clark, Creative Director, Square Tomato

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