Institute For Systems Biology does some of the world’s most cutting-edge biotech research.

They partner with New Theory to make sure their website stays cutting-edge, too. In four years of close collaboration with ISB’s marketing department, we’ve developed innovative user experience and technology solutions to meet dozens of needs.

Publishing the Work of Hundreds

ISB employees hundreds of scientists and staff, all producing great work. Their website,, is the central location to access this work, and learn about the organization’s mission. Plus, as a non-profit, the website serves double duty as needing to attract financial support.

When Search Needs a Solution

Scientists’ reputations depend on their work being seen. But ISB’s search tool made finding that work so difficult, 90% of the visitors that tried to use it gave up and left the site. The solution? New Theory designed and developed a custom search tool that loaded faster and organized the results into easy-to-navigate categories. The results were better than expected: more visitors found what they were looking for, and visitors leaving dropped from 90% to 15%.

And more scientists got their work seen as a result.

Innovative Zotero Integration

We developed a first-of-its-kind integration with Zotero, the standard tool for tracking academic citations. Now, ISB’s site automatically pulls in thousands of published papers from this public repository, keeping the website automatically updated. The site never suffers from looking out-of-date, and ISB’s marketing team is saved hours of manual updates.

Multisite For Multiple Labs

ISB’s affiliate labs need to be able to update their own websites—but also need to retain overall ISB branding. We built the entire platform as a WordPress Multisite, so ISB can make global changes that affect all sites, and individual site owners can make changes that only affect their site.

Biotech Expertise

New Theory works with for-profit biotech firms, too. We know how to visualize complex biotech topics for investors, and how to navigate SEC and FDA requirements.

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