A Website That Supports Salespeople and Customers

This leading security industry company needed an informational website that would answer basic customer questions, freeing up its salespeople to pursue leads and land big sales. But could Louroe’s website do more? Could it actually help push those important sales forward?

Solution: New Theory designed a modern, attractive site that leverages advanced CRM, search, and customer tracking technology to give customers the info they need, and helps salespeople see what they might need next.

Top to Bottom Redesign

Louroe does not sell direct to end-users. It has a distributor network it supports with central marketing and product support.

New Theory worked closely with Louroe’s sales and marketing teams to learn what these two distinct audiences needed, then designed a website that served their goals. Tight integrations with sales and marketing’s toolsets turned their website into a useful member of the team, passing in new sales leads and answering customer’s questions around the clock without a phone call.

Hubspot Marketing Integration

Louroe’s sales team uses Hubspot as their CRM. New Theory built a custom integration so that when website visitors enter contact info, it automatically appears in Hubspot for the sales team to follow up on. Better yet, it tracks the pages those people visited, so salespeople know what potential clients are looking for.

Geolocation and E-commerce

Louroe only sells its products through a distributor network, so a traditional e-commerce and checkout system didn’t make sense. But how do you shorten the purchase journey for a customer in a B2B situation? Don’t make them hunt for the next step. New Theory used geolocation technology to put the 3 closest distributors for that unique visitor, directly on the product info page. Buying Louroe is now easier and faster for their online visitors.

Helpful Product Pages

Using the powerful WooCommerce plugin, New Theory built attractive product pages that Louroe can categorize and customize.

Plug-and-Play Case Studies

Like most security companies, Louroe uses case studies to illustrate their services. Once, every case study required original layout by a designer. Now, salespeople can publish their own case studies with a point-and-click tool that New Theory built. The sales team is empowered, and the website stays fresh.

Successful Search

The days of flipping through a printed product catalog are over for Louroe customers. Using the WordPress plugin Relevanssi, New Theory built a simple, effective search tool customers can use to find info quickly—rather than taking up a salesperson’s time when they can’t find what they need.

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