Lending focus to the customer experience

Oculus Eyecare is a beloved neighborhood optometrist and eyewear shop with rare, hand-picked frames from all over the world. Their brick and mortar shop is located in the heart of South Lake Union, and offers a modern, personalized approach – even in the time of social distancing.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s clear that the team at Oculus are champions of customer service. Our partnership’s objective was to visualize and build the website to carry that beloved experience on to the web.

Catering to discerning customers

Oculus’s loyal customers are looking for more than what they’d find online or in a mall. They’re seeking frames that are truly unique – in the age of back-to-back, face-to-face virtual meetings, it’s important to stand out.

The new site features an intuitive block-based editor, empowering the Oculus team with tools to keep these ever-changing brand pages updated with ease.

The important details all in plain sight

One key component of Oculus’ new web presence seems relatively simple, but is extraordinarily important: scheduling an appointment.

Since it’s not quite feasible to perform an eye exam virtually, an in-person visit to their store relies on the up-to-date information found here.

With the many local regulations and protections keeping the doors open and customers safe, this page serves as the source-of-truth and is easily maintained by the team.

It’s clear: increased engagement across the board

Since the site launch in early June, Oculus’ traffic has seen a steady climb upwards throughout 2020.

Not only are there more people visiting the site, they are staying longer and browsing through more frames – and becoming patients.

New Theory consistently surpassed my expectations while we fully redesigned my site. It’s beautiful, on-brand and easy for me and my team to manage. I am impressed with how collaborative the New Theory team is with ours. I felt involved in the process - my thoughts and vision were prioritized in a way that left us proud of the site and the work our team continues to do together.

Dr. Jeff Woerner, Owner, Oculus Eyecare

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