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Pipes stretch across a landscape much like how web development tools help keep a website running smoothly.

As we step into 2024, we want to address one of the most common questions we receive from clients at the start of every new year. Our clients often ask us about the latest trends in web development and the innovative web development tools we recommend. In response, our team at New Theory has created a list of our top recommendations for 2024 with insights from our team of experts.

WP Engine tools and features

This year, our team of developers has expressed enthusiasm for the variety of new tools offered by our partners at WP Engine, one of our favorite WordPress hosting companies.The following are our team’s top picks for 2024. 

Faust.js for improved content management

At the top of our list is Faust.js, which provides an easy way to build headless WordPress sites with features like content previews and efficient data querying. A headless CMS is a content management system focusing solely on the back-end content repository. It does not have a built-in front end like a traditional CMS.This provides the lightning fast loading speeds of a simple website while retaining the simplified process of creating, storing, and managing digital content a CMS provides. 

Headless WordPress sites are a topic I have explored in the past. I was excited when I discovered that WPE had created a framework that is based on Next.js. I want to explore this architecture and framework more in 2024. My focus is on exploring this architecture and framework further to enhance our ability to craft engaging WordPress sites that support their goals.

         -Anthony Ruffin, Web Developer at New Theory

Saving time (and budget) by using Local for environment management

Our web developers have also shared their positive experiences with Local over the past several months. Local is a development application that allows our development team to maintain WordPress sites on their computers. It provides a simplified environment for WordPress development, enabling them to work on your site without affecting the live version. This means developers can work offline and complete testing for our customers even faster. 

Local simplifies setting up a local copy of a WordPress server on your computer. Rather than spending 30-60 minutes configuring a server every time I work on a new site, I can fill out a few form fields, click a button, and I’m ready to go. This will save our team and our clients a lot of time.

          -Geoff Mortstock, Web Developer at New Theory

I have been using Local extensively over the last six months and appreciate how easy it is to create local environments for developing WordPress sites. In addition to that, deploying code to and pulling databases from environments is incredibly easy. It’s an awesome tool.

         -Anthony Ruffin, Web Developer at New Theory

Continuous Integration (CI) for smoother feature launches

Another notable tool our team is excited about this year is WP Engine’s CI tool. CI allows developers to merge code changes into a central repository. Each merge triggers an automated build and test sequence to identify integration issues early. CI’s benefits include reducing defects risks and making it easier for developers to make changes more quickly. Ultimately, this ensures a smoother and more efficient workflow, resulting in better and more reliable outcomes for our clients.

Git push for improved security

Another feature our team is excited to use this year is the Git push which is a part of WP Engine’s CI tool. In years past, code updates may have happened via a more manual process, which can introduce errors. This git push feature allows developers to securely push code changes from their local environment to a WP Engine server. When using Git push, developers never push code to the actual server but rather to the git.wpengine.com server, which then deploys the code to the actual server and environment. This means quicker turnaround times, reduced errors, and improved security for our customers.

As a forward-thinking web development company, we’re always looking for technologies that revolutionize our workflow and enhance the quality of our deliverables. The standout star for 2024 is WP Engine’s Git Deployment Pipeline, a game-changer in project deployment.

         -Timon Davis, software engineer at New Theory

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As we dive into 2024, we want to share valuable tools that can enhance your online presence and business efficiency. Our team at New Theory recommends these user-friendly tools to make your website more interactive and your online processes smoother. Have more questions? Contact us at newtheory.is

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