is a leader in connecting Alaskan fishing boat skippers with crew members, with over 4,000 crew placed.

This complete refresh of their logo, identity, and e-commerce membership website brought them a modern look and platform to compete with other job sites, and continue their mission of connecting folks to the most exciting job of their life.

Imagine The Adventure

Alaska is gorgeous and work on a fishing boat is packed with exciting moments. Photography captured onboard was used to emphasize that the jobs offered on the site are more than just jobs – they’re unforgettable experiences in an exotic locale.

Strategy Below The Surface

Fishing Jobs sought guidance on their business model of membership. We advised them on the prices of their services, how to charge customers, and other areas of their business strategy as well. This close collaboration continued into the wireframing and design phases of the project, through to launch.

Improved Connection Tools

We built the new on WordPress, and used popular plugin BuddyPress to improve how job seekers and hirers could find one another. BuddyPress is a social network tool at its heart, so to use it in this job hunting context, New Theory implemented several extensions and customizations. These included allowing Skippers to create a portfolio of potential hires, and allow them to chat directly — all entirely within the site.

Streamlined Transaction System

Typically, to buy something on a site that uses WooCommerce, the user has to add it to their cart, view the cart, go from the cart to the checkout page, and then confirm their order on the checkout page. We tweaked this solution in order to reduce the number of clicks needed to buy a subscription. When users click the Sign Up Now button, they’re taken straight to the checkout with the product and pricing in place. Less clicks = more sales.

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