Krystallize can save companies a bundle, but they wanted help showing this value to potential customers.

Krystallize monitors the performance of cloud service providers (CSPs) and helps companies identify which CSP is the best fit for their needs. Branding agency Eggs + Rice tapped New Theory to collaborate on the design and development of the new Krystallize website. Now, the benefits of their service are crystal clear.

A Modern Look For Modern Tech

New Theory and Eggs + Rice worked together on design elements that made their site more attractive, such as the colorful illustration and eye-grabbing messages.




Lifting The Technical Fog

Krystallize used highly technical metrics to describe cloud service providers, which were a challenge for the layperson to understand. New Theory worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Krystallize and E&R to translate terms like “mean cost by gigops per hour” into consumable, understandable visuals actionable language.

Text That Catches The Eye

Like many tech companies without an inherently visual product, Krystallize needed a way to get visitors excited about their work. New Theory moved them away from the “wall of text” to a more creative typographic solution to highlight benefits while keeping the content visually interesting.

Industry Recognition

Wordiness was also a problem in the Industry Recognition section. The layout and addition of logos let Krystallize (and their potential customers) see what a splash they had made in the industry.

Paving The Path

One issue with the old site was that there was clear next step. Our design gave interested visitors a clear next step for engaging with Krystallize by requesting a demo from their sales team.

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